Taste the Box Life

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How it Works

Box Life Meals are measured, weighed, and packaged for an individual to lose unwanted weight or for the athlete trying to meet muscle growth demands.

There is a 10 meal minimum order. Small Meals are $6.00 a meal and consist of about 5oz of lean protein. Regular meals are great for maintenance or weight loss. Large Meals are $7.00 a meal and consist of 7oz of lean protein. These meals are designed for a male on maintenance and the female athlete. Men can achieve weight loss with the large meal. Three meals are prepared every week. The three meals are divided among the number of meals ordered. The meals are designed to work in combination with each other for maximum results. 

Not sure which plan is best for you. Give us a call! We will do a small verbal assessment over the phone and let you know which meals are best for reaching your goals.

The menu is posted late afternoon on Wednesday. Place your order Thursday by 3:00 pm. Food prepping and cooking is done every Sunday and pick up is Sunday evenings inside Jack's Cafe at 507 10th Street, Floresville. Pick up time is sent out an hour before pick up time.

All Box Life Meals are prepared and made fresh. The food holds good in the refrigerator for seven days. We don't suggest freezing, but if need be, the food can be freezed and defrosted in the microwave.


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